Detox Water Drink

In 2010 a « European Food Safety Authority » suggested that for women the minimum levels of water intake should be of 1.6 litres a day. Hydration is even more important during fitness excercises, dieting and of corse hot weather.

So why not make those 8 to 10 glasses of water more fun to drink and at the same time brining you some natural vitamines & minerals to help clense your body.

This is a very quick and handy recipe to make.

Minty lemon and cucumber detox water drink.
Minty lemon and cucumber detox water drink.

You will need a 1 lemon, 1 lime, 1 cucumber and some mint leaves.

After washing the fruit, veg and leaves, slice each fruit and the cucumber, then cut each slice in half. Leave the mint leaves whole. I have used a small 250ml bottle that I have upcycled. In it I placed 2 half slices of lemon, 2 half slices of lime, 4 half slices of cucumber and 4 leaves of mint. Place in the refrigerator overnight. It will be just perfect to drink first thing in the morning, while you are getting your breakfast ready.

Useful tip: You can freeze the lemon & lime slices in the freezer, place them on a tray with some cooking paper, once they are frozen, add them to a freezer bag or box. For the mint leaves you can freeze them in icecubes. Frozen cucumber is mushy so I placed a few slices in the fridge and made some Tzatziki with the rest.

Hope you enjoy the recipe and have a great day.


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